PKH/PKV - Mixed flow single stage, volut casing pump

  • Q = 100 - 1700 l/s
  • H = 4 - 25 m
  • p = 10 bar
  • t = 10 - 80 ºC
  • nmax = 1450 rpm
  • Katalog (.pdf)


Main avenue of use for these pumps is in cases of large quantities and low manometric heads. This property of high-speed pumps, which at low manometric heads work at relatively high rpm, which allows for this half axial pump a widespread area of use with a very high degree of effectiveness. Our standard PKH pumps are most often used as cooling pumps in energy installations, for irrigation and drainage, in industry, mining etc. Considering large cross sections, these pumps are able to withstand, to a certain degree, turdines and foreign bodies in the medium.


Our half axial pumps are of simple design, but sturdiness of operative parts guarantee high degree of safety for this type 2 pump. Impeller, with wide lane spaces, installed as a console on a sturdy shaft mounted in roll-bearings lubricated with grease. Entire pump stands on two legs located on spiral casing. Supplied cross-sections show main dimensions of the pumps for standard positions of the discharge flange (VG, HO, KOD). Pumps with different position of discharge flange are manufactured to special order. Additionally, these pumps are also manufactured with vertical placement of the drive.