KP - Non-clogging impeller, submersible motor sump pump

  • Q = 5 - 80 l/s
  • H = 3 - 20 m
  • p = 10 bar
  • t = 10 - 50 ºC
  • nmax = 1450 rpm
  • Catalog (.pdf)


The KP type submersible pumps are suitable for pumping of waste water, thick liquid mud and sludge and other liquids containing solid particles up to 30%. They are used in civil engineering, mining, agriculture, process industry, ship-building industry and in other areas of economy facing water problems.


The structure is compressed using a common shaft for motor and pump that provides high operational safety. Parts of pumps that are in contact with the metering medium supplied in the performance of cast iron or non-ferrous metals, while protecting the electric motor parts appropriate protective devices depending on the type of media. The casing is spiral and adapted to transport liquids with a higher solids content. Impeller is single-channel is also adapted for the transport of dense liquids with solids. Sealing is done with mechanical seals and for added security the electric motor is installed double protection system with two seals. Valve proving that the protection system is done by unscrewing the screws on the housing of the control of electric motors (for the top seal) and the control of the purity of the oil through the filler neck (for astragal). Changing the seal is simple and possible after removing the Impeller and the separation of the volute of electric motors. The pump has a pair raspornih rings on the suction side that can be replaced after wear without requiring customization and are fixed with screws. The electric motor is sealed and complete unit can operate submerged. The maximum temperature of the supply of media can be as 323 K. In contrast to today, the usual design for waste water, for KP pump is not necessary dry sump which is a customer for a number of advantages. In addition, we find advantage in the construction, the material used, and also the much lower cost of construction, ease of installation and safe automatic operation. Low power consumption is achieved great effect, and it is generally known operational reliability and durability of the respective pumps and fast handling during inspection, malfunction or modification of the pump.