BO - Deep well turbine pump

  • Q = 5 - 350 l/s
  • H = 3 - 350 m
  • p = 40 bar
  • t = 5 - 80 ºC
  • nmax = 1450 rpm
  • Catalog (.pdf)


Primary use of well pumps is for supply of drinking water, water used in industry and agriculture. Due to small diameters they are especially suitable for use in tight wells.


Well pumps are manufactured in radial or halfaxial construction. Water enters the pump through the suction basket with or without valve or suction bell it passes through the hydraulic section up the pipe sections and discharge toggle and exists into the discharge duct. Hydraulic section is composed of ring sections and upper and lower bearing support. Each ring section has a guide wheel manufactured out of grey iron and impeller which can be manufactured either out of bronze, gray iron or steel. Suction bell or suction basket casing are also manufactured out of gray iron. Pipe sections and motor pedestal are welded construction, protected by protective coating. Shaft comprised out of two or more sections interconnected by bolt-couplings is connected to the electromotor with elastic coupling. Radial bearings are rubber and cooled by pumped medium, whilst axial bearings are roller bearings lubricated with oil or grease. Shaft outlet in the casing is sealed with packing, but if other type of sealing is requested alternatives can be used. At special request we can manufacture other types of well pumps with different construction solutions. For instance radial bearings can be manufactured out of bronze lubricated with grease, protection pipe shaft etc.Standard pumps are designed in compliance with the DIN 24255 standard. They are of standardized dimensions and interchangeable regardless of the pump manufacturer, without changes in connections and supports, while their hydraulic characteristics are approximately identical with equal dimensions. The pump impeller is disassembled in the direction of the electro motor without disconnecting the piping or moving the motor. The wide scope of interchangeability of components of these pumps provides for a safe and reliable service life with a minimum stock of spare part.