CG - Vertical single stage volute pump

  • Q = 5 - 250 l/s
  • H = 10 - 160 m
  • p = 25 bar
  • t = 10 - 80 ºC
  • nmax = 3500 rpm
  • Katalog (.pdf)

The pump casing is radially split and has in line suction and delivery branches. The pump cover is an integral part of the pump casing and to simplify maintenance this can be removed with the shaft, mechanical seal, impeller and external bearing as one unit. “O” ring seal seated on tapered surfaces ensures casing tightness, eliminating the use of gaskets and sealing compounds. The shaft is made from acid resistant steel with shaft sleeves fitted to prevent wear due to abrasive materials in pumped media. Axial and radial pump loads are carried by a heavy duty, grease lubricated ball bearing which is effectively protected by an external housing with ample air space between the bearing housing and pump cover. The internal bearing bush is surrounded by a grease chamber and situated close to the impeller to eliminate vibration. The pump can be easily adapted for self priming arrangements of various types.